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Visual protection of sliding patio doors

The perfect period is the winter months to reflect on a new creation of the garden, the balcony and the terrace. The trade offers cheap garden furniture in the season. When buying garden furniture, the eye often focuses on tables, chairs and flower boxes. Under no circumstances should you disregard the privacy. You want to enjoy your own garden as an oasis of peace and exclude annoying glances from neighbors and passers-by. There are numerous ways to prevent these unwanted glances. Classically, gardens, terraces and balconies are protected by walls, hedges or wood. All methods have advantages and disadvantages. Clumsy here is a wall. A perfect alternative is safety glass protection. As a result, wind, noise and uninvited looks are held.

Numerous options for a glass screen
The garden owner gets a variety of options with a glass screen. The various types of construction leave nothing to be desired today. You have the choice between different types of glass. Do you want a clear glass screen, and should it provide protection from wind and weather, as well as from noise? Or do you prefer frosted glass? Frosted glass is perfect, because of the opacity and opacity. Referring to the colors, the customer receives a large selection. A privacy screen is tailored to your individual needs in the trade in different color options and according to your wishes in the glazier’s shop.

Safety is an important feature
Usual colored window glass is not available here. Safety plays an important role and therefore functional glasses are used outdoors. As a rule, a privacy screen is made of safety glass or wired glass. The glass should have a minimum thickness of eight millimeters. If safety is an important issue for them, it is also possible to use thicker glass. The Glaser makes the privacy according to your wishes and will advise you about the various options.

Frosted glass is a cheap privacy screen
Frosted glass is translucent, but does not provide any vistas. Visual protection of sliding patio doors This glass is also called opaque white glass. The characteristic of the white color of the glass pane is formed by two types. During production, the glass is provided with special elements that are responsible for the cloudy characteristics. This could be lime, tin oxide or fluoride. In earlier times, glassworks also used bone ash for production, which is why this type of glass now and then bears the name Beinglass. There is also the option of roughening a transparent pane of glass in retrospect. The reaction is carried out by acid or sandblasting. In a few exceptional cases, special foils are used for the production of frosted glass from glaziers, reflecting the cloudy characteristics. Frosted glass is suitable for the filling of house and room doors. A perfect type of glass also for glass showers or sliding glass doors.

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