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Versatile solution for your balcony and terrace: Parallel sliding tilting door

A sliding and tilting sliding door combines the advantages of two different door designs: the space-saving sliding function and the practical tilt function. In contrast to the normal balcony and patio door here no door protrudes into the room and takes away space unnecessarily. Thanks to the sophisticated technology, the door can simply be pushed aside, but also brought into the tilted position.

Operation of parallel sliding-tilt doors

A parallel sliding tilting door is simple and easy to use with a twist grip. Through the door handle and the modern technology, the individual elements can be opened, tilted and closed without much effort.

When the door is closed, the handle of your PSK door is in a vertical position and can be rotated up to 180 degrees. To tilt the parallel sliding tilt door, simply turn the fitting 90 degrees to a horizontal position. The wing now tilts inwards. To open the door, turn the handle 180 degrees, so that it is in a vertical position again. Now the sliding sash can be slid easily.

Low space requirement due to sliding technology

Unlike normal patio doors and balcony doors, no door leaf protrudes into the room at the PSK door. So the space that is normally needed to swing up, can be used elsewhere. The glass surface is simply pushed aside.

Die tilting technique – Ventilate without open door

The big advantage of the PSK door is the tilting technology. Other sliding doors, such as the lift-and-slide door, must be fully opened for this purpose. Thanks to the sophisticated technology of the parallel sliding tilting door, you now have the choice whether you want to open or tilt your door element completely.

Ma fects in materials and color variety

For the frame of your PSK door you have the choice of common materials for window and door systems:

Ku nststoff

Plastic impresses with its low thermal conductivity and can be designed differently by film coating indoors and outdoors.


Aluminum is robust and durable. Other advantages include a certain burglary protection, good thermal insulation and the possibility of individual color design through color and different coatings.

solid wood

Only the best solid woods are processed in our workshop . These are glued in 3 to 4 layers. The natural raw material is a poor conductor of heat, ensures good thermal insulation and has moisture-regulating properties. The variety of colors is ensured by different primers, glazes and RAL colors.

Wood and aluminum

The combination of wood and aluminum in the interior with solid wood for coziness and weather resistance for many generations in the outdoor area.


Plastic aluminum combines modern plastic with fine aluminum. The plastic frame is clad on the outside with aluminum.

Flat threshold, but not completely barrier-free

The parallel rails for sliding the PSK door are particularly flat. However, the push-tilt technique can not be completely submerged in the ground. As a result, she is only partially barrier-free.

Security and glazing

Windows and terrace or balcony doors represent a potential point of attack and a security risk due to the large glass surfaces. It is therefore important that these are secured particularly well. So why are you offering different security features for your PSK door?

  • Lockable fittings
  • safety glass
  • alarm contacts
  • Special seals for sound insulation and moisture

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