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How to get natural light indoors

How to get natural light indoors

The lighting of interior areas with natural light is something that is valued in any room. From CLIMALIT PLUS we want to give you some tips on how to get natural light indoors  and thomas edison light bulb get the most out of it.

The main thing is to have good windows . You may have a lot of glazed space, but you can’t keep the house at a stable temperature, nor do you get enough natural light. This may be due to the type of window glass. With CLIMALIT PLUS, depending on the location of the building and the needs of each construction, you can count on an excellent reinforced thermal insulation (ATR) all year long by choosing bulb energy like the PLANITHERM 4S . If you opt for a PLANISTAR ONE, What is achieved in addition to a plus of reinforced thermal insulation, is to increase the amount of natural light that enters the interior of the house thanks to its high light transmission, also presenting a very neutral aesthetic, which makes it glass Perfect for large glazing: a “3 in 1”: reinforced thermal insulation, solar control and maximizes natural light

It is important to note that there are rooms that need, yes or yes, large glazing to get plenty of natural light. Either for the location, for aesthetics, or for the use that will be given to the room.

The living room or living room, for example, is the area of ​​the house where we spend more timeindoor solar panel, having a good glazing that allows the passage of a lot of light is essential to promote our comfort while saving significant and, in addition, to gain in aesthetics (combining it with the profiles and enjoying the views). If the living room includes furniture and walls in light tones, we get the perfect tandem to have a very bright room.

Places like libraries also require a lot of natural light, hence friday night lights  for large windows can be the perfect allies. It is shown that sunlight plays a fundamental role in our health: it increases our serotonin, thomas edison light bulb a basic substance for the proper functioning of our neurons. This hormone regulates, among other things, body temperature, sleep or appetite. For this reason, libraries or schools are the appropriate places to place bulb energy for large windows and allow a lot of natural light to enter, to encourage concentration and, in turn, encourage great energy and economic savings.

Thomas edison light bulb

An activity in which light plays an essential role is in photography . In photography studios, light is the real protagonist, so having good bulb energy windows is relevant. Also, for photography, the time slot is equally important, since the natural light is completely different at 12 noon than at sunset.

With adequate windows you can get a lot of natural light indoors, thus improving our comfort and well-being. If you are thinking of changing your windows, on the CLIMALIT website you can obtain the most appropriate recommendation based on your needs.

And although the window is essential, if we can replace a partition friday night lights with a glass screen or partition, the light that reaches the room through the window allows it to reach the next room.

Therefore, there are transparent or translucent laminated safety glass that we can use in these dividers between rooms or even in interior doors. If you want to read more about it, you will find more information in the post on translucent glass and in the glass wall interior .

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