The glass shower

A special eye-catcher: the glass shower

The first showers were already created by the ancient Greeks. However, only after many centuries did the shower prevail in the general population more and more. At the present time, the shower is widely used for personal care and replaced the bathtub in many households. The advantages, less time compared to a bath necessary, it takes less space and the consumption of water and energy is significantly less than a bathtub.

Numerous creative possibilities with a glass shower

Today, the shower and cleaning are focused on the body and body care. Nevertheless, the shower is not to be considered as a common object for use, it can also represent an important stylistic element in the bathroom. Typically, showers form from minimal shower trays and water-resistant shower curtains. There is a lot of room for design here. A walk-in shower is a bit more expensive than a shower tray in the purchase, because the substrate must receive a special seal. The level, barrier-free showers are a real eye-catcher and give every bathroom a special flair. Many alternative options are offered by the monotonous shower curtain – at the top is a glass shower door. Very popular is the variation with sliding glass doors. Often, people are averse to worrying about cleaning up. Numerous glass shower doors today have the lotus effect and the glass surfaces are self-cleaning. The basis here is nature. Water rolls off at the surface and at the same time the cleaning takes place. The reason is a special structure of the surface, in which dirt only barely adheres. This process is very good to see in the leaves of the lotus plant and therefore the naming. in the dirt only barely adheres. This process is very good to see in the leaves of the lotus plant and therefore the naming. in the dirt only barely adheres. This process is very good to see in the leaves of the lotus plant and therefore the naming.

Possible types of glass for sliding glass doors

For the interior of a building, glass sliding doors are usually made of standard flat glass. In the bathroom, the popularity of milk glass is increasing. For the exterior of a building, special functional glass types are used to withstand the significantly higher loads. Fire protection, heat insulation or insulating glass is used here, among other things. VSG glass is also perfect for outdoor use. In private homes, the opening of glass sliding doors is usually done manually. It is possible to install an electrical or hydraulic device for the opening.

Sliding glass patio doors for indoor use

Taking into account the course of the track rail various types of glass sliding doors are differentiated. For hanging sliding glass doors, the running rail runs along the upper edge of the glass surface. The door is carried by the rail. For higher stability, the lower edge can receive an additional track. The door receives a fixation and vibrations are excluded. Standing glass sliding doors are moved on a track on the floor. Here is the possibility to attach another rail to support above the door leaves to prevent overturning. Special shower types

Nowadays walk-in showers are also popular and already available in many households. This shower can be recognized by the fact that the shower has no traditional door, but is separated from its own wall by the rest of the bathroom. With a wall of glass bricks an additional optical incentive is created and the glass shower – an eye-catcher in the bathroom the classic bathroom is immediately created an actual wellness oasis.

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