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Style doors: Charming eye-catcher with white lacquer in your home

Timeless design that suits all interior styles: style doors can be adapted to the more rustic, curved country house style, as well as to the sleek, modern architecture and furnishings. With the right choice of your interior door, you will enjoy it for decades – we will help you with this and have summarized various design options for style doors.

What distinguishes a style door?

Simply put, a style door is a white-painted cassette door . Often, style doors are replicas of historical models for old buildings or bring retro charm in new (re) apartments. By the white paint you fit and equipped with a simpler cassette variant, but they fit perfectly into modern buildings.

Use of style doors in your home

The typical design of a style door can be applied to different door models such as

  • action door
  • hinged door
  • sliding door

transferred and used both in the interior and in the house or apartment entrance doors use.

So a style door is built

The door leaf of a style door has, like all cassette doors, a circumferential frame (often supplemented with internal longitudinal and transverse connections) and a filling inserted therein , the so-called cassette. This is often profiled or contains other rich, especially in old buildings and historic entrance doors or gates rich ornaments.

Design options for your style doors

Stylish doors score points for their enormous versatility : the doors, which are always available in white lacquer, harmoniously round off a modern, baroque or country house style and have – depending on the wishes and the architecture and furnishings of your house or apartment – more details:

  • Section of light with glazing (stained glass or white glass), with or without sprouts
  • Variable number of cassettes
  • Different types of cassettes / fillings, eg Flemish bows as well as round arch and segment fillings.

The matching frame to your style door

The door frame is an important element in the planning of your style door (s). Their design depends on the appearance of the door frame and leaf and your interior design style and ensures a harmonious overall impression of your door. You have options like

  • plain white
  • completely embedded in the door frame (ie without visible frame) or
  • playfully profiled
  • open, which can turn your passage area into a real eye-catcher.

The right fittings complete the look

Invest a little time in the search for the right door hardware, because it really pays: A door handle that optimally matches the look of the door and the frame, is the icing on the cake of a successful door design and a proof of your love for detail. Curved or ornate handles blend in well with the (rather) baroque style of old buildings, whereas rectilinear doorknobs (door handles), such as matt brushed stainless steel, do well in a modern setting.

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