Garage Door Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors – practical and comfortable

Sliding glass doors are increasingly used in interior design. They are not only decorative and modern, but also timeless and extremely practical in use: Sliding glass doors take up little space and enable interesting spatial planning. They are suitable for spacious rooms as well as narrow passageways and smaller rooms.

The sliding patio door comes from Asia

The sliding glass door was discovered in Asia. Only in the course of the 19th century there were double doors. At that time, the door system consisted of a wooden frame construction in which the door was stored without rollers. On a wooden frame, a paper was stretched, which served as a screen. Glass sliding doors are now real eye-catchers, which are also used as room dividers.

Exclusive touch in the living room and office

Sliding glass doors look appealing in every room. With them, transitions between two rooms can be creatively designed. In confined spaces, they give the feeling of being taller, because they allow a full view of the adjacent room. As a connection between the kitchen and the living room or dining room, or from the living room to the bedroom, a sliding glass door provides a unique eye-catcher and offers sunny transparency. Likewise in offices glass sliding doors are gladly installed.

Advantages of sliding patio doors

Sliding doors require much less space than conventional room doors. They can be mounted wherever wing and stop doors would not be possible. These doors cause almost no noise when in use and provide barrier-free access, which is a great relief for people with walking disabilities. This glass door ensures optimal light.

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