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Risks of Garage Doors

Risk factors related to Garage Doors

The number of accidents, which originate in USA, directly related to automatic garage doors amount to 27,000.

An excessively high figure if we take into account the regulations in force regarding automatic doors that warn of the different forecasts , to ensure proper use liftmaster garage door not closing.

The prevailing regulations on the operation of automatic garage doors implement measures and obligations necessary for proper operation so that risks are not created for people and establish penalties for those responsible for their installation in case of breach of the standard.

Maintenance of Automatic Garage Doors

The maintenance of these doors is not only necessary , but is imposed by law, so if we do not want to take risks and suffer an accident, something that the communities of owners do not want to face, it is advisable to comply with the regulations.

Accidents caused by automatic doors can sometimes result from garage door installation or improper or even non-existent maintenance, which can cause serious damage to the community.

Proper maintenance of these doors will not only prevent future accidents , but also possible failures of a high cost. Therefore, keeping this device in good condition will reduce the damage by up to 80%, being essential to have a serious and experienced company for maintenance as Autodoor in New york, California, Las Vegas

Main risk factors linked to Automatic Doors.

Regardless of the capital importance of automatic doors in our lives , on the other hand, it is also necessary to mention the main risk factors associated with these devices.

  • Accidents that can be caused by the overvoltage of the electric drive and can lead to fires, therefore it is necessary that the automatic garage door replacement have a safety element to prevent a short circuit.
  • To suffer an accident by dragging or crushing as a result of the operation of the door. So that a person or animal cannot suffer an accident of this type, safety elements such as sensitive ground, anti-crushing bands, or photoelectric cells are installed.
  • Derailment of horizontal doors either swing or sliding.
  • The possibility that the door does not stop automatically when it reaches the limit of travel.
  • Crumbling of the door due to the pressure exerted by a strong wind.
  • Automatic door crash due to high wind pressure.
  • Remote control error.

After observing the main risk factors, we can conclude that accidents caused by these devices can be avoided. However, for this it is necessary to implement security systems (such as those we have just discussed) and maintain a good functioning so that everything operates correctly.

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Therefore, when installing an automatic door we must, in addition to complying with the standardsgarage door roller replacement established for this purpose, have the best security elements and guarantee periodic maintenance.

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