Types of windows you can put in your home

Types of windows you can put in your home

 you are considering a reform, a change of decoration in your home or simply make an improvement that contributes to the sustainability and energy efficiency of your home, it may be useful to know what types of windows exist today for domestic use .

The three fundamental aspects to consider when choosing the type of window we are going to install are:

  • The type of profiling (
  • The type of glass or crystal
  • The type of opening
  • Design

A. Types of windows according to the profiles

Today, we can find many types of windows and windows of very different materials, but the most frequent and demanded types of profiles are usually: wood, PVC and aluminum.


If what you are looking for is to give a rustic and natural air to your house, the wooden windows are aesthetically very attractive. The material provides a good insulator in a natural way . You can find more quality wooden door and window frames in our web page.

The main disadvantage of wooden windows is, apart from the cost, the maintenance work that must be done on a regular basis to have the windows as the first day. You can easy wood replacement windows tips. Being a natural material, it is especially sensitive to deterioration caused by solar radiation,  microorganisms and the passage of time.


PVC windows have evolved a lot since they entered the market. They continue to offer good insulation, and lately they are in high demand due to the soundproofing capacity they also add.  Pvc replacement windows is  maintenance is very simple , and can be adapted to any space and environment thanks to the variety of colors and imitations they present. PVC windos is very useful and simple setting up, you can order upvc windows online and upvc sliding windows.


Aluminum windows are a very good option to consider when choosing the type of window we can put at home. Regardless of the geographical area and the climate of the region, they are very resistant to changes in temperature , solar radiation and inclement weather. Aluminium window replacement is very easy. You can find more details in our page. Check our Replacing aluminum windows with vinyl page more details.

Aluminum windows with thermal break, are generally the ones with the best levels of thermal insulation . Nowadays aluminum windows are the most chosen by consumers for their performance and, above all, for the wide range of finishes and colors in which they are manufactured. Aluminium window glass replacement is simple for you.

B. Types of windows according to glass or glass

Fundamental aspect that we can not ignore in the choice of the type of window for our house, is undoubtedly the type of glass.

The type of glass will determine the insulation efficiency of our house, which will directly affect the comfort level of our home.

From the CTE ( Technical Building Code ), for new buildings, double glazed windows are required by regulations.

The Saint-Gobain Glass company has been a pioneer in this field years ago, introducing double glazing for Climalit windows . Nowadays, it is once again a leader in innovation thanks to the  SGG Climalit Plus , the double glazing for your window that incorporates glass with the SGG PLANITHERM or SGG PLANISTAR ONE range, which reaches an insulation level up to 3 times greater than a basic double glazing.

The double glazing SGG CLIMALIT PLUS, provides a higher level of thermal, acoustic, visual comfort and a higher level of security for your home. To help you choose the type of glass suitable for your window, in Climalit we have developed a simple tool, with which, in just 3 steps you can find out which glass is more suitable for your needs:

1. Choose the level of thermal comfort air you want:

  • Low: for basic thermal comfort
  • Medium: for medium thermal comfort and obtain energy savings
  • High: to maximize the energy savings of your home

2. Choose the level of sound insulation you need:

  • Low: for houses in quiet and quiet places
  • High: for houses in noisy places or in the city

3. Choose the level of security and protection you want to give your windows:

  • Level 1: no security booster
  • Level 2: glass with security for people avoiding cuts and damage from possible breakage
  • Level 3: includes security for people, with additional reinforcement for the protection of assets

Once we have the answers to those questions, we will obtain the most convenient type of glass for our windows. You can download a technical sheet on it, with which to go to your nearest installer or glassware.

C. Types of windows according to the opening

As for technical aspects, we only have to choose the type of window opening that best suits our needs. Depending on the functionality of the window, or the room in which it is located, we have to assess the most practical and comfortable opening for the day-to-day life in our home.

There are several types of windows depending on the opening:


They are the most classic or common windows in most of the rooms of the houses. They are usually one or two leaves with a total lateral opening. The main advantage is its completely hermetic closure that favors a higher level of thermal and acoustic insulation. However, these windows take up a lot of space when they are open so they only serve clear areas of furniture or nearby objects.


Windows that do not have the possibility to open. They are used in air-conditioned rooms or buildings, interior partitions or when you want to give light and views to a room without the need for ventilation.


They are those that open by tilting slightly from top to bottom inwards. Its total opening is not possible, so they do not allow you to peek. They are usually used in offices, bathrooms and garages.

You can find more details replacing glass in fixed aluminium windows , fixed casement window , fixed glass window


A versatile opening system that allows both the lateral opening of the casement windows, and the inclined opening of the swinging windows. This last position is used to ventilate the rooms without leaving the window wide open.


They are those whose leaves move horizontally on a rail inserted in the frame. They are the right choice for areas limited by furniture or corners. Its main advantage is that they do not occupy additional space when opening, so they are usually used in living rooms and ground floors with access to the garden. The main disadvantages of sliding windows relate to insulation, since they lack a tight seal.


The tilt-and-turn windows are those that combine the horizontal displacement of the sliding windows, with the opening tilted inwards.


They are those in which the window leaf rotates around a central axis. It is common to find them in attics and roofs.  Vertical pivot window can be very usefull. You can check it for you.


Those that integrate several sheets with different types of opening in the same window.

The final factor in selecting your ideal windows should be the design. The current variety in the market in terms of models, aesthetics and colors is almost infinite.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that a good rehabilitation of your home must be aimed at reducing the energy consumption of your home. In WWF , it is detailed that:

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