Things to Consider When Setting Up an Aquarium

1- If you are going to build the aquarium yourself, you should use aquarium silicone to glue the glasses. Other silicones can poison the fish even after drying, so it is always better to buy a ready-made tank.
2- It is important to choose filtering according to the size of the aquarium. External filters are required in large aquariums. It mostly functions as water circulation and cleaning.
3- It is necessary to choose a heater according to the tank size. 100 watts to 100 watts is generally accepted. You can check petsmart fish tanks and dustins fish tanks blog page for more informations.
4- An air motor is absolutely required for oxygen. In an airless aquarium, fish come to the surface of the water
and try to get oxygen from the water and after a while they die.
5- After establishing the aquarium and filling the water, using the necessary water conditioners to maintain the biological balance necessary.  Biological balance is very important. When you take the fish and put it in another tank, the fish can get stressed and it takes time to get used to the new environment. As the water values ​​change, the fish does not feel comfortable. Leave the aquarium without fish for 1 week, the heater, filter and air motor are running.
6- It is necessary to fix the temperature of the tank by looking at the temperature values ​​desired by the fish. In water changes, it is necessary to add 20% of the water by draining the bottom and put it in a container open for 2 days and add the same temperature water. Replacing all and most of the water causes serious problems in fish. It is also necessary to use water conditioners such as disinfectant, chlorine inhibitor or sera aquatan.
7-  You need a quality aquarum. ETC ( petsmart fish tanks – dustins fish tanks )
8- The most important issue is the choice of fish. The fish chosen should be the species they can live with. The number of fish should be selected according to the tank size. The number of fish should be determined based on 10 liters of water per 1 fish. Some types of fish require more lt.
9- When the necessary conditions are met, put the fish in the bag you bought from the aquarist into the aquarium without removing them from their bags. The fish in the bag should stand on the water for 10 minutes and the water temperature should be balanced. Then add as much water from your aquarium as the bag into the bag and leave your fish in the bag for another 10 minutes in this mixture. After that, you can add the fish.
10- The first week is very important. During this period, it is necessary to immediately monitor the fish, to deal with the problems that may be observed. Diseases that may occur in the first established tanks are
diseases such as stress, fungus and white spots . You can get information about the initial stages and treatment stages of these diseases from your aquarist or you can get information by searching online.
11- The fish that survived the first week got used to the tank and you can feed healthy fish by observing the fish regularly every day .
12- Feeding the fish little by little and 1-2 times a day should be given as much as they can eat.

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