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Professional installation of patio sliding glass doors 

The sliding doors are designed to measure and can be selected in almost infinite designs. The mounting takes place on the ceiling or wall.The sliding glass door ensures high flexibility during installation. The attachment ceiling or wall side is possible. The final fine adjustment takes place at the same time as the installation, in this way the glass doors are perfectly adapted to the present installation situation. A quiet and quiet door is then the result.

A potpourri of choices

  • in addition to the classic variant is:
  • colored, structured or milky glass offered
  • individual sizes and shapes
  • Single or double glass
  • as a simple door or room divider function
  • Frame materials: wood, plastic, aluminum and stainless steel
  • special wishes
  • customer-oriented work
  • friendly staff

Repair and installation of sliding patio doors with competence

Especially in the case of high-quality sliding patio doors, professional installation is in the foreground. Nothing should wobble or be unstable here, because that carries a risk of injury.

A glass specialist company is the right partner for this special application. Thanks to many years of experience and the corresponding expertise, the installation of your sliding glass door is in the best possible hands. A good specialist company always delivers the comprehensive service from a single source. That means from planning through delivery to assembly.

If, contrary to expectations, a repair of the sliding door is pending, then we are the right contact person. But due to the robustness, it is extremely rare for any damage.

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