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New trends for windows and doors in 2019

Currents and fashions are passing by, but one thing is certain: doors and windows remain indispensable in a home!

Are you planning to renovate your home or plan to build a new home? It’s time to read this blog to know the latest trends! Also, we wanted to share the news for everything related to doors and windows.

The news for windows in 2019!

The window format has really changed in the last years. Oversized windows help highlight the exterior of the house. The location of windows is also very studied. The glass surfaces are now larger and allow an optimal view for a true communion with nature. Windows can even make a complete wall!

The trend is also very square and straight windows with dark colors. The windows of black colors and coals are still in the spotlight outside. Black was popular inside for a few years, but white is coming back.

The patio door is also oversized. This allows much more light to enter and increases the air intake when it is open. In addition, the large patio door allows you to admire your beautiful terrace!

The choice of material for the windows is also very important. Windows in thermos triple glasses are recommended for their energy characteristics. Indeed, they are very effective in mitigating the large temperature variations that we know in Quebec.

What are the latest trends for doors?

This year the fashion is still contemporary doors with glasses. For glass, frosted sandblasted and stained glass windows are still popular. Whether you choose a wooden, steel or fiberglass door, be aware that choosing your front door makes your home more attractive.

One of the new trends is to add a glass panel at the top of the door. It improves the mood and adds natural lighting in the house. You can also install an 8-foot door, the door in 2019 is more daring, colorful and more glazed. Geometric shapes, clean lines, simple textures, flat panels are now part of the desired door styles. Like the window, the door is also oversized.

The steel door is very strong and durable, although it is more vulnerable to scratches and bumps. Thanks to new techniques, we offer a wide choice of shapes, colors and patterns.

Like the steel door, the fiberglass door is ideal for our northern climate. It requires little maintenance and saves energy with its efficient insulation. It is also much more resistant and it is possible to manufacture it according to your tastes and needs.

The wooden door remains a classic, but requires regular maintenance and is more expensive.

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