Less viewed options for custom wood interior doors

Aside from the longevity, craftsmanship, superior style and safety they offer, when installing wooden doors you can choose exactly the doors you want.

As a homeowner, it’s a big deal to make sure our home looks as good as possible. Houseproud is not a bad thing. We want us to feel comfortable every time we step in, and we want our guests to be thrilled every time they do so.

This means that we make our home our own, with a style that is unique to them. A style that was not copied by our friends or neighbors.

The installation of custom-made wooden doors contributes significantly to this. But if we want to take our interior to the next level or are just bound to practical problems or lack of space, we should really look at the possibilities for installing less common types of interior doors.

small change

For houses that have little space in the interior, it’s good to have some sophisticated interior design up your sleeve. Or, in the case of these custom wooden doors, in your pocket.

Instead of swinging on a hinge, pocket doors slide into a recess in the wall. This means no space is required to open the door and makes pocket doors a practical option for en-suite and smaller bathrooms.

Pocket doors are also ideal for those who are looking for extra-wide wooden doors for their open apartments.

Normal swing doors have a standard width that corresponds to the space they need to open. However, since this does not restrict pocket doors, they can be made wider for a more airy living environment.

Go Dutch

Custom wooden doors can accentuate almost any design style of any home and are especially effective for those who have a rustic or peasant look.

Divided horizontally into two halves, the upper half of a Dutch or sturdy door can be opened while the lower half remains closed. This type of door was originally designed to keep animals away from farmhouses and keep children indoors.

They also prevented dirt from flowing into the house, while allowing the breeze, light and air to circulate.

Nowadays, Dutch or sturdy doors play two roles. They still prevent children from wandering into the kitchen or on stairs, giving a traditional, historic look that other wooden doors just can not offer.

The Barnstormer

For a stronger rustic, peasant or industrial appearance in the home, sliding doors for the barn may even be more effective than Dutch doors.

They also combine the same benefits that the previously discussed pocket doors entail, eliminating the need for ground clearance required for swing doors.

Barn doors are often used in homes because of their aesthetic appeal. They are decorated with old vintage wood, wrought iron rails and hangers.

Because the entire mechanism is open, barn doors are also much easier to install and maintain than pocket gates and can be used between rooms or on cupboards and pantries in rustic kitchens.

By investing in bespoke wooden doors, you can determine exactly what your new items will look like and impact your home. There are also many secure options.

But why should your home look like everyone else’s? Why not go the extra mile creatively and choose a lesser known style?

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