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Glass surfaces with ceramic motif print

A new trend in interior design

Glass is one of the most important elements in interior design. No other material protects, illuminates and still creates lightness in the living space like the glass. It is easy to clean and gives a variety of environments a modern and elegant character. However, glass is not only used in the living and working area because of its numerous and unique functions, but also because of its decorative properties.

Decorated glass in the interior

A new trend in the field of interior design is the printed glass, as it is known in the classic way of ceramic design. Unlike the printed tiles, which always have an ugly breakthrough of the motif due to their joint texture, can be on glass surfaces large prints easily attach that do not damage the effect of the subject. Glass surfaces of this type can be used as room dividers, glass walls or partitions. They can also be used as decorative elements in tiled walls. Simple, beautiful and noble is the effect of the printed glass. It is easy to clean and gives a wide variety of ambient a modern and timeless character.

Where do printed glass surfaces find their application?

The most commonly found are printed glass surfaces or glass tiles in modern swimming pools, saunas and spa facilities. Even contemporary fitness and beauty salons have long used glassware of this kind. Medical doctor’s offices, law firms and bank branches also use wall decorations made of glass. Elegant, modern and timeless is the figurehead of glass tiles. But not only in the wellness and work area, they are a welcome idea. Even the home kitchen, the bathroom and even the living area benefit from the flow of glass. So the shower can be equipped with beautiful and fresh motifs. They blend in beautifully with classic tiled surfaces and even with a natural stone wall design.

Tiles made of glass – individual and modern

With the classic technique of motif printing, which has long been used in the ceramics industry, glass surfaces of any size can also be printed. Whether very small or the size of a shower cubicle, the motif print on glass can be used anywhere. It can also be used in the design of personal motifs, or the choice of the subject itself be made. Thus, amateur photography can beautifully put their most beautiful photos or excerpts of these photographs in scene and give them an origenellen frame. Photos in iconic black-and-white or details of plants are especially trendy at the moment. Even bars and restaurants are taking up this new design method, as it not only has a decorative effect, but also lends a very special character to any ambience.

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