Sliding Patio Doors

Construction of sliding patio doors

Sliding glass doors open with a handle shell by sliding sideways. The sliding door system can be designed as a door, room divider, cabinet front, in front of the niche under the sloping roof or around the corner. Sliding doors do not need a large swivel range , in contrast to the swing door A sliding door consists of one or more door leaves, which are led up and down. Sliding doors can be closed either manually or automatically. To lock the door, there are special fittings that are on the market as glass door fittings to buy.

Hanging and standing sliding mechanisms

Here we distinguish sliding doors according to the following construction types:

  • Hanging sliding door with running rail, which runs over the door and carries the load
  • Hanging sliding door with door support profile, track, track and guide pin, where the load is transferred to smaller wheels with the help of a crawler
  • standing sliding door with guide rail, where the running machine moves along the floor in a rail

Mounting in front of the wall and in the wall

Sliding doors can be installed either in front of the wall or in the wall. Sliding doors in front of the wall run on a track, which is mounted on the wall. The running track can remain visible or even be laminated . This embodiment of the sliding door can be retrofitted. Sliding doors in the wall disappear in a cavity between two walls. They can be installed afterwards, whereby a dry wall in front of the existing wall is necessary.

Materials for sliding doors

  • Decorative glass (eg with groove grinding)
  • laminated glass
  • acrylic
  • textile glass
  • clear glass
  • frosted glass
  • Single-pane safety glass (ESG)
  • enamel
  • stained glass


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