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Glass – that’s much more than windows and drinking glass

Glass is an essential part of our lives today. It occurs in many areas of our everyday life – as a building material, as an object in the household or as an object of art. Modern communication also uses glass as a medium.
Without the windows of glass, no sunlight would penetrate our apartments. Three quarters of the year, it would be very cold, because the heat of the heaters would escape to the outside. However, glass is not only a window but increasingly a building material and design element. Above all, modern architecture combines concrete and steel with interesting glass facades and roofs, creating a fascination for lightness and space. Interesting architectural glazings create reflections that connect things that do not belong together in an image, and glass canopies create airy spaces between outside and inside.

Glass is increasingly being used not only in industrial construction but also in individual home construction. Glass conservatories give the feeling of a longer summer. And carports now come, usually in combination with aluminum or steel structures, with glass roofs therefore.
In interior design, more and more is put on glass, because it brings lightness and also a certain glamor in the room. Glass doors, transparent or milky and with great designs, no longer fulfill only the function of room separation. Stairs in the combination of glass and metal allow easy-acting transitions between different levels, glass shower enclosures give the small bathroom width and some luxury and effectively placed mirrors make rooms seem larger.

Working with glass is not just a craft, but also an artistic achievement. Looking at the beautiful stained-glass windows in the churches, one is fascinated by the art of craftsmanship.
However, it is not only these works of art that are several meters high that testify to the versatility of the material, but also the many small pieces of jewelery such as pictures, miniatures and vases. And in many families, every year the Christmas tree is traditionally embellished with hand-blown glass balls.
We would like to share these impressions with family and friends in a timely manner and send our pictures just taken. We are connected up to date because the fiber optic cables used allow fast and trouble-free data transmission.
Glass is a material that connects in the truest sense of the word.

Glass Doors

Glass sliding patio doors

Glass is an increasingly popular building material. Since modern times it has been used to bring transparency into the rooms. The most classic example of this is the “House Farnsworth” by Mies van der Rohe near Chicago (1945 – 1951). This house was the first of its kind, the walls were all glass. Thus, this dwelling house was one of the most radical designs in its time. The aim was to let nature have its own life, and not to disturb nature with colored houses.

The idea of ​​nature was also revived in the “Dutch House” by Rem Koolhaas in Holland or the “Landscape Inhaler” by Transbanana in Austria. However, in the meantime, the technology of the glass has improved considerably, which limits the energy expenditure (heating and cooling). However, the concept is similar: inside the house there is a core with solid walls, while the skin is all around from floor to ceiling made of glass, to allow from inside a nature experience. You live as it were outside. The play of colors, the course of the seasons is perceived particularly intensively, up to the snow cover, which covers the landscape like a white shell.

Glass is therefore not only an ideal means of letting light flow into living spaces, but also of experiencing nature from the inside out. Especially when living this is a very impressive factor that provides relaxation. Of course it is important that the neighbor does not look into the house. In such a case, transparency sometimes becomes an unpleasant nudity. However, you can protect yourself here by sun protection elements that offer privacy at the same time: These are simply driven down. There is also glass through which one can not see through from the outside. Another option is to work with curtains. Both inside and outside they can be attached. Inside, the combination of glass and fabric creates a cozy atmosphere, outside the “curtain” can withstand the wind, so it will be rather difficult. An interesting variation can be seen at the Dutch House.

Residential glass houses ideally require distance and free nature around themselves. In the case of Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House, after the construction, there was a dispute with the owner, Mrs. Edith Farnsworth. She was a single lady who did not really know how she was supposed to live in this glass house in the park. Nevertheless, the house Farnsworth is one of the most outstanding examples of architectural history. Due to the elegance and simplicity, the beauty and severity, it is also one of the most remarkable houses of the famous German architect Mies van der Rohe.