Assumptions about the elements that make Automatic Doors work

The automatic garage doors today are an essential element for our businesses, residents, housing, etc. Currently, nobody imagines opening a garage door manually .However, there are several issues that everyone should know to be familiar with this kind of doors and not believe everything people tell us.

Elements that influence the operation of the Doors

So that it does not fall into errors or assumptions, we will explain the elements that influence the operation of automatic doors :

Controls for Automatic Doors

Currently, almost all the remote controls used to open the doors operate by radio waves.

What does this mean? Well, it is not necessary to point towards the door for it to open . This kind of waves penetrate the walls and doors.

The automatic door controls do not work like the television controls operating by infrared light and, in this case, it must be directed to the TV.

Also, many people think that the code of each remote control can be copied. This is impossible, because each automatic door control is unique, and for each person a unique code is recorded.

In addition, in case a community of neighbors suspects that there are people who have the command and should not have it, the coding can be modified and that command would stop working.

The lubricants of the doors

Many people think that excessively greasing the door mechanism makes it have a longer life , something completely false, because over-greasing the opening mechanism only causes the door to break down.

Generally, this is because, the passage of time causes it to harden and cause jams.

Therefore, it is essential that you know that the best solution to grease the door are liquid lubricants , of which there are endless of them of many qualities and brands.

In case of electrical failures

Garage door opens automatically have to incorporate a manual opening system, which must be easy to handle. This is essential when, for any reason, the power supply is suspended, as it allows the door to continue to be used normally.

The engine can burn

Finally, it should be clarified that, although many people think that door motors can burn if they are used intensively , this is incorrect.

An engine can be burned if it is misused or due to lack of maintenance, but not by using it a lot. Don’t worry because Autodoor provides a automatic garage door installers near me .

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