Advantages of using wooden interior doors

Doors are not just meant from the outside. They can also be used to separate the different areas of your home. However, if you use wood interior doors, you know they can provide more beauty and warmth.

In truth, wooden interior doors can be very expensive. The price can even increase to several hundred dollars if you add glass. However, if you get to know their benefits, you will find that they are really worth every penny:

1. Wooden interior doors are naturally beautiful. This is especially true if you opt for solid wood. They have their own unique texture and color, which can be further enhanced if you choose to get them stained or finished. They can also be glazed to make them really smooth and very pleasant to touch. Do not forget that these types of doors are classics of all time. In fact, most old houses have wooden interior doors.

2. They may require little maintenance. While hardwoods are generally sensitive to moisture, they require very limited maintenance. If you cover them with paint, you can definitely extend their lifespan, even more so if you use the top coat. Wooden interior doors can withstand dents and scratches. And if the surface of the door is properly sealed, you will find that the door can withstand a lot of hitting.

3. You can lower your ancillary costs. Due to the heat they emit, wooden interior doors can help you lower your monthly bills, especially in colder seasons like winter. You can reduce the frequency with which you use your heater. If you think they are still not insulated, you can simply add foam cores to them, and the inside doors can already prevent heat loss.

4. Wooden interior doors can be customized. Wooden doors are so flexible that you can add a variety of features to them. For example, if you do not want your small children to visit your kitchen frequently, you can add passkey for the lock.

Interior wood doors can not be made of solid hardwood either. They can also be laminated veneer lumber, which is perfect for strong weather changes. You can also have it with aluminum cladding.


Wooden interior doors

Wooden interior doors – what you need to look for when buying wooden interior doors

Usefulness of Interior Doors – Can you ever imagine the tremendous benefits you can gain by using wood interior doors for your home or office? Above all, you should be aware that doors are never designed for outdoor use. They could be used in the inner parts of the building. While exterior doors are used to enclose the house to guard an exit and prevent intrusion, interior doors are used to separate the rooms or other enclosures. In addition, interior doors can significantly contribute to the elegance, beauty and warmth of your home.

Cost worthwhile
course is one of the disadvantages of wooden interior doors, they can be expensive. The price would be higher if you use glass with them. However, if you judge the true value of such wooden interior doors that are made either traditionally or custom-made, you will find that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages by far. In fact, every single penny you spend for this purpose is worthwhile. Interior doors made of wood are often very nice and well designed. At the same time they create a natural environment.

Exceptional color effects
If your wooden interior doors are made of solid wood, they have a unique structure. In addition, the colors are chosen so that you can never achieve the same decor and texture with other materials. Sometimes the designers get the wood stained or painted to enhance their artistic taste and beauty. Others make them glazed so they look extremely smooth and very nice to touch. You may have often seen mahogany and oak doors in the old buildings. Although they are centuries old, they still shine like new ones. They are real classics and therefore you will find most old art houses with wooden interior doors.

Low Maintenance
One of the great benefits of installing wood interior doors is that they require very little maintenance. Of course, wood can be sensitive to moisture, but this can easily be prevented with a little care. Just cover your wooden doors with colors, and their longevity will multiply. And if you can use the top coat, the lifespan can be extended considerably. Interior doors are usually free from scratches and bumps because they are less subject to attack by nature or humans than outside doors. Proper sealing of the surface of doors can work wonders in terms of strength and durability.

Reduce energy and electricity costs
With a lot of heat coming from your wooden doors, you can cut your energy and electricity costs considerably. As a result, your monthly bills will be lower, especially during the winter season. A lesser need for space heaters and other such devices inevitably means lower power consumption and consequently lower utility bills. These doors are also excellent insulators. If you think some of them have partially lost their insulating properties, you can always add the foam cores to prevent heat loss.


Less viewed options for custom wood interior doors

Aside from the longevity, craftsmanship, superior style and safety they offer, when installing wooden doors you can choose exactly the doors you want.

As a homeowner, it’s a big deal to make sure our home looks as good as possible. Houseproud is not a bad thing. We want us to feel comfortable every time we step in, and we want our guests to be thrilled every time they do so.

This means that we make our home our own, with a style that is unique to them. A style that was not copied by our friends or neighbors.

The installation of custom-made wooden doors contributes significantly to this. But if we want to take our interior to the next level or are just bound to practical problems or lack of space, we should really look at the possibilities for installing less common types of interior doors.

small change

For houses that have little space in the interior, it’s good to have some sophisticated interior design up your sleeve. Or, in the case of these custom wooden doors, in your pocket.

Instead of swinging on a hinge, pocket doors slide into a recess in the wall. This means no space is required to open the door and makes pocket doors a practical option for en-suite and smaller bathrooms.

Pocket doors are also ideal for those who are looking for extra-wide wooden doors for their open apartments.

Normal swing doors have a standard width that corresponds to the space they need to open. However, since this does not restrict pocket doors, they can be made wider for a more airy living environment.

Go Dutch

Custom wooden doors can accentuate almost any design style of any home and are especially effective for those who have a rustic or peasant look.

Divided horizontally into two halves, the upper half of a Dutch or sturdy door can be opened while the lower half remains closed. This type of door was originally designed to keep animals away from farmhouses and keep children indoors.

They also prevented dirt from flowing into the house, while allowing the breeze, light and air to circulate.

Nowadays, Dutch or sturdy doors play two roles. They still prevent children from wandering into the kitchen or on stairs, giving a traditional, historic look that other wooden doors just can not offer.

The Barnstormer

For a stronger rustic, peasant or industrial appearance in the home, sliding doors for the barn may even be more effective than Dutch doors.

They also combine the same benefits that the previously discussed pocket doors entail, eliminating the need for ground clearance required for swing doors.

Barn doors are often used in homes because of their aesthetic appeal. They are decorated with old vintage wood, wrought iron rails and hangers.

Because the entire mechanism is open, barn doors are also much easier to install and maintain than pocket gates and can be used between rooms or on cupboards and pantries in rustic kitchens.

By investing in bespoke wooden doors, you can determine exactly what your new items will look like and impact your home. There are also many secure options.

But why should your home look like everyone else’s? Why not go the extra mile creatively and choose a lesser known style?


Modern and space-saving: Sliding patio doors for your bathroom

Not only suitable for narrow spaces or niches, sliding doors are also increasingly found in passages to bathrooms. Due to the space-saving features and practical application, sliding doors are also suitable, for example, for small or wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. Whether as a room divider, cupboard door or as a room door, sliding doors are increasingly used in modern home design. We have put together a few tips and useful information about sliding doors in the bathroom.

Modern living concept: Sliding doors between bathroom and bedroom

The bathroom, as a private oasis of well-being, is increasingly being seen as part of the living and sleeping areas in modern interior design. So should the bathroom be open to the sleeping area, but also protect the privacy. A good solution is because a sliding glass or frosted glass. It opens the room to the bathroom, creating a large living environment. At the same time, the sliding door can separate both rooms, providing privacy.

Benefits of sliding doors in the bathroom

  • Implementation of modern room concepts
  • Different room climate in bath and bedroom are possible
  • Natural light even in bathrooms without windows
  • Room divider between washstand and toilet
  • Cladding of cabinets and appliances
  • Space-saving door system

Flowing transition between the rooms

Doors separate rooms, but also connect individual rooms. With sliding doors, this is modern and comfortable. A sliding door between bathroom and corridor connects the rooms and creates space. A windowless bathroom becomes brighter and friendlier with a frosted glass sliding door, even when the passage is closed. In addition, the risk of injury of a door going up to the corridor is avoided by a sliding door.

Room divider bathroom sliding door

For example, a sliding door between the bathroom and toilet area provides more privacy in the bathroom. Even in smaller rooms so separate rooms are created and a bathroom can be used by several people at the same time.

Dress your washing machine and Co. skillfully

Also in the interior design of your bathroom sliding doors are a practical tool. For example, hide the washing machine or a boiler behind a sliding door. Or convert niches and sloping ceilings into cupboards with plenty of storage space.

Glass door in the bathroom – more hygienic and durable

Which material you choose for your sliding door in the bathroom is entirely up to you. Whether wood, plastic or glass, you are spoiled for choice. However, you should make sure that the material is suitable for bathrooms. High humidity and water, for example, wooden doors warped easily. Sliding doors made of glass are therefore particularly well suited. They are resistant to heat and moisture and due to the smooth surface they are hygienic, durable and easy to clean.


Increase the value of your home

Increase the value of your home

Expenditure on resources and efforts to add value to your home is always important. These provide a more liveable and appealing home that reflects your style and personality as a homeowner. More importantly, they also increase market value, which is always crucial if you need to sell in the future.

Importantly, not all improvements are costly. In fact, you do not have to install a first-class home theater in your home to make it attractive. A broker said that he himself had installed a swimming pool to increase his home value. Unfortunately, the improvement was quite massive and required a lot of maintenance, which made it less attractive to potential buyers.

According to a report by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, less than $ 10,000 has been spent by over one million homeowners on their remodeling projects over the last fifteen years. To help you make an informed decision about the best home improvement projects, here are some tips based on consumer reviews and data from the current housing market:

Any improvement in the kitchen drives the price of a home by 3 to 7 percent. Several studies have found that potential buyers always consider the kitchen as a selling point for every home. Consumer reports have found that a modern or updated kitchen is the most ideal feature of the home. However, this does not mean that you have to take your current kitchen out. You can start with small renovation projects, eg. B. with the repainting of cabinets and walls and the staining of old wood. If you have the budget, you need to upgrade the kitchen hardware in large projects.

The current buzzword in kitchen improvement is the use of stainless steel. Equip your kitchen with appliances equipped with steel for a modern, contemporary design. Lately, there are a lot of black kitchen appliances that look elegant and clean. If you can, invest in these devices and see how the value of your home increases dramatically.

Another wonderful improvement is the use of quartz countertops. If you have the money you can spend, you should take care of it, because these countertops are scratch and stain free and even heat resistant. It consists of stone chips, resins and pigments.

A beautiful garden will always be the first attraction.

The yard is almost always the one that homeowners overlook when doing home improvement work. Note, however, that a properly maintained garden is the first thing potential buyers notice about your home. Above all, the yard is also the easiest to maintain. Always make sure that it is clean and that the grasses are mowed. Also make sure trees and shrubs are trimmed regularly.

You can make your garden more attractive by adding flowerbeds that bloom according to the season. Do not embellish it with exotic plants that are expensive and difficult to care for. Instead, invest in pots or a topiary to beautify the look of your garden.

Do not forget to make minor repairs to the facade, including painting the door or the walls. If possible, add enhancements such as a deck or patio, a sitting area, or even a grill for barbecues and picnics. You can also add a dirt road that will make your yard look more interesting. If you already have gravel tiles, do not forget to repair or replace the broken ones. A fantastic garden has been reported to increase the overall value of your home by 3 to 5 percent.

Maintain your front door and your garage door.

The main reason your curb is so attractive is your front door and your garage door. Always maintain these doors with a fresh coat of paint or a good stain. It would also help show how safe these doors are to keep intruders out.

For those with a garage always make sure that the garage door is in good condition. The garage door opener mechanism should operate properly and be inspected regularly by a recognized specialist such as A1 Garage Door Service. When you need to update the look of your garage door, pay attention to the best style, the best materials and brands that complement the look and aesthetics of your home. A nice garage door can do a lot to increase the attractiveness of your home.

Keep all your equipment in good condition.

Most homeowners overlook leaking faucets, damaged door locks, broken light bulbs, clogged drains, broken toilets, etc. These can seriously affect the value of your home, as most buyers are often turned off by homes that require a lot of work. Make sure you repair any broken devices. These are often the least expensive and at the same time the most practical projects for your home improvement project. At the same time, when all fixtures are in good condition, potential buyers will be convinced of the solidity of buying your home.

Create strategic living spaces in your home.

In a consumer report on the Millennials list of the most attractive residential properties, an open floor plan with flexible housing is considered to be the most important. This is not synonymous with enlarging your home, but with an improvement in living space. For example, you can turn this loft or basement into a usable living space. In a report by US News, the conversion of a loft or basement costs only half of what is needed to create an extra space outside the home.

Millennial shoppers often want the extra space to serve as a home office or studio, while baby boomers want the extra space as an additional guest bedroom or as a playroom for grandchildren. These areas are often advertised as flexible rooms, mother-in-law apartments or upstairs laundry rooms and can account for up to 4 to 6 percent of the house value.

You can also try to rethink your layout. Consider removing walls to create clearances. Check the arrangement of bathroom, toilet and sink for maximum space and privacy. Use many mirrors to create the illusion of space and openness. There are definitely plenty of creative ideas to make spaces more strategic. While you’re at it, throw in some planters for a cozy feeling.

Make for an energy-efficient home.

Having an energy efficient home is not only a good selling point, but also important to keep your energy costs down. A recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that energy efficiency is the second most important attribute for a safe community to influence buying decisions.

The installation of LED lights is the first step in ensuring an energy efficient home. Next, insulation and Energy Star certified windows would be added. According to real estate experts, buyers are now asking about the R-value of a home’s thermal insulation and the low-e coatings of windows. It is also important to show that your garage door is well insulated too. A garage door with good insulation improves the overall energy efficiency of your home. In terms of pricing, an energy-efficient house increases its total value by 1 to 3 percent.

Install new sidings for a brand new living environment.

Did you know that you can make your home brand new? This is possible by attaching foam backing, vinyl sidewall or fiber cement sidewall. This will increase the life of your home and even improve energy efficiency. In addition, new sidings can enhance the exterior of your home until it appears brand new.

According to Remodeling Magazine, the installation of new sidings can increase the resale value of your home by as much as 78 percent.

Painting is the best and cheapest way to improve the look of your home.

If you do not have the budget to make many improvements, you can best improve your home by painting it. Painting is the best way to hide marked or scratched surfaces while protecting your home from weather and normal wear and tear. Eliminate areas of heavy traffic, such as the living room, kitchen and bathroom, to make your home more strategic.

Use a neutral color scheme to attract more buyers. In this way, buyers can imagine living spaces as they would like. You should also use high-quality colors, which do not peel off easily and still retain their shine after a few years. A good coat increases your home value by 1 to 2 percent.

Keep your home upgrades simple and easy to care for.
Most home buyers are not interested in carpeting or ornate cabinets that are likely to accumulate dust. What they want is home improvement, which is easy to maintain and does not require extra work. Make sure your upgrades take into account all of these factors.

At this point, houses with hardwood floors are in demand because of their beauty and longevity. Updated gas systems are also important considerations. Also, roofs that are free of water damage, squirrel infestation, ice shelters, etc. tend to rake at a good price. All this increases your home value by 3 to 5 percent.

Invest in smart technology.

If you can equip your home with the best technologies, you should definitely invest in smart devices. This is because technologies are slightly outdated. Therefore, it is important to make informed decisions. Intelligent technology includes a wide range of products suitable for lighting, doors, locks and security systems. Home buyers are willing to pay 3 to 5 percent more for the value of their home when they realize the potential of these devices. The best technologies to invest in are programmable thermostats that can be controlled by smartphones or computers, and a generator for the entire house.

Consider the needs of different age groups.

When furnishing your home, consider the needs of different age groups. Avoid steep stairs, slippery bathtubs and showers, sharp cabinets, etc. that are not suitable for the elderly and children.

While some home buyers are still attracted to bathtubs, you should install a separate walk-in shower that is suitable for walkers or that can be considered wheelchair friendly. If possible, you should install the master bedroom on the ground floor to avoid having to climb fewer stairs. Toilets should also be a few inches larger to make getting in and out easier. These improvements are expected to increase your home value by 1 to 2 percent.

Beautify your bathroom.

Make the bathroom with white tiles and suites a clean and fresh impression. Experiment with the lighting and decorative paneling to make it more comfortable. Home-owners love unique yet functional bathroom faucets, spa-style showerheads, creative wall vinyl, eye-catching washbasins, and coordinated surfaces. You can also enhance the look of your bathroom by installing bold shower curtains and other fixtures.

Do not forget the finishing touch.

If you offer your house for sale, do not forget to put the finishing touches. This can be as simple as clearing up the mess, ventilating the rooms or adding some flowers. Presentation is definitely the key.

A real estate agent notes that even a simple interior design can help to increase the number of real estate visits, improve prices and reduce time spent on the market. Home buyers are often deterred from homes that require a lot of work. Design your home with some wall hangings, curtains, fresh flowers and some pillows.

You see, increasing the value of your home can range from a range of things, from the cheapest and smaller projects to the larger ones. The most important thing is to always preserve its beauty because you never know when you need to bring it to market.


Types of windows you can put in your home

Types of windows you can put in your home

 you are considering a reform, a change of decoration in your home or simply make an improvement that contributes to the sustainability and energy efficiency of your home, it may be useful to know what types of windows exist today for domestic use .

The three fundamental aspects to consider when choosing the type of window we are going to install are:

  • The type of profiling (
  • The type of glass or crystal
  • The type of opening
  • Design

A. Types of windows according to the profiles

Today, we can find many types of windows and windows of very different materials, but the most frequent and demanded types of profiles are usually: wood, PVC and aluminum.


If what you are looking for is to give a rustic and natural air to your house, the wooden windows are aesthetically very attractive. The material provides a good insulator in a natural way . You can find more quality wooden door and window frames in our web page.

The main disadvantage of wooden windows is, apart from the cost, the maintenance work that must be done on a regular basis to have the windows as the first day. You can easy wood replacement windows tips. Being a natural material, it is especially sensitive to deterioration caused by solar radiation,  microorganisms and the passage of time.


PVC windows have evolved a lot since they entered the market. They continue to offer good insulation, and lately they are in high demand due to the soundproofing capacity they also add.  Pvc replacement windows is  maintenance is very simple , and can be adapted to any space and environment thanks to the variety of colors and imitations they present. PVC windos is very useful and simple setting up, you can order upvc windows online and upvc sliding windows.


Aluminum windows are a very good option to consider when choosing the type of window we can put at home. Regardless of the geographical area and the climate of the region, they are very resistant to changes in temperature , solar radiation and inclement weather. Aluminium window replacement is very easy. You can find more details in our page. Check our Replacing aluminum windows with vinyl page more details.

Aluminum windows with thermal break, are generally the ones with the best levels of thermal insulation . Nowadays aluminum windows are the most chosen by consumers for their performance and, above all, for the wide range of finishes and colors in which they are manufactured. Aluminium window glass replacement is simple for you.

B. Types of windows according to glass or glass

Fundamental aspect that we can not ignore in the choice of the type of window for our house, is undoubtedly the type of glass.

The type of glass will determine the insulation efficiency of our house, which will directly affect the comfort level of our home.

From the CTE ( Technical Building Code ), for new buildings, double glazed windows are required by regulations.

The Saint-Gobain Glass company has been a pioneer in this field years ago, introducing double glazing for Climalit windows . Nowadays, it is once again a leader in innovation thanks to the  SGG Climalit Plus , the double glazing for your window that incorporates glass with the SGG PLANITHERM or SGG PLANISTAR ONE range, which reaches an insulation level up to 3 times greater than a basic double glazing.

The double glazing SGG CLIMALIT PLUS, provides a higher level of thermal, acoustic, visual comfort and a higher level of security for your home. To help you choose the type of glass suitable for your window, in Climalit we have developed a simple tool, with which, in just 3 steps you can find out which glass is more suitable for your needs:

1. Choose the level of thermal comfort air you want:

  • Low: for basic thermal comfort
  • Medium: for medium thermal comfort and obtain energy savings
  • High: to maximize the energy savings of your home

2. Choose the level of sound insulation you need:

  • Low: for houses in quiet and quiet places
  • High: for houses in noisy places or in the city

3. Choose the level of security and protection you want to give your windows:

  • Level 1: no security booster
  • Level 2: glass with security for people avoiding cuts and damage from possible breakage
  • Level 3: includes security for people, with additional reinforcement for the protection of assets

Once we have the answers to those questions, we will obtain the most convenient type of glass for our windows. You can download a technical sheet on it, with which to go to your nearest installer or glassware.

C. Types of windows according to the opening

As for technical aspects, we only have to choose the type of window opening that best suits our needs. Depending on the functionality of the window, or the room in which it is located, we have to assess the most practical and comfortable opening for the day-to-day life in our home.

There are several types of windows depending on the opening:


They are the most classic or common windows in most of the rooms of the houses. They are usually one or two leaves with a total lateral opening. The main advantage is its completely hermetic closure that favors a higher level of thermal and acoustic insulation. However, these windows take up a lot of space when they are open so they only serve clear areas of furniture or nearby objects.


Windows that do not have the possibility to open. They are used in air-conditioned rooms or buildings, interior partitions or when you want to give light and views to a room without the need for ventilation.


They are those that open by tilting slightly from top to bottom inwards. Its total opening is not possible, so they do not allow you to peek. They are usually used in offices, bathrooms and garages.

You can find more details replacing glass in fixed aluminium windows , fixed casement window , fixed glass window


A versatile opening system that allows both the lateral opening of the casement windows, and the inclined opening of the swinging windows. This last position is used to ventilate the rooms without leaving the window wide open.


They are those whose leaves move horizontally on a rail inserted in the frame. They are the right choice for areas limited by furniture or corners. Its main advantage is that they do not occupy additional space when opening, so they are usually used in living rooms and ground floors with access to the garden. The main disadvantages of sliding windows relate to insulation, since they lack a tight seal.


The tilt-and-turn windows are those that combine the horizontal displacement of the sliding windows, with the opening tilted inwards.


They are those in which the window leaf rotates around a central axis. It is common to find them in attics and roofs.  Vertical pivot window can be very usefull. You can check it for you.


Those that integrate several sheets with different types of opening in the same window.

The final factor in selecting your ideal windows should be the design. The current variety in the market in terms of models, aesthetics and colors is almost infinite.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that a good rehabilitation of your home must be aimed at reducing the energy consumption of your home. In WWF , it is detailed that:


You can easy Fantastic nails

Fantastic nails

Today we bring you a tutorial that will interest you, since if you usually do the manicure you will have seen that to decorate them or to make  fantastic nails Art a pointer or punch is often used frequently.

It is a tool in the form of “pencil” with a fine finish to be able to make more precise decorations on the nails. While this manicure product is more or less easy to buy, there are times when the manicure catches you at home and you don’t have a pointer at hand. That’s why we show you how to create a pointer for homemade Nail Art in less than 3 minutes and super cheap. Here we bring you two very easy and entertaining options so you can create your homemade fantastic nails art.

You can make your manicure pointer with only two materials: pencil and pin. You just have to insert the pin in the rubber on the top of the pencil, making the rounded tip of the pin out.

The other option to create a manicure pointer is to get a hairpin. You know, of those hairpins that end in a rounded tip. Surely you have some at home!

It is as simple as opening the fork to make it more comfortable to use and ready to smear it with enamel, give it cane and start decorating your fantastic nails.

We hope you liked these tips and motivate you to create these tools to design your homemade fantastic nails Nail Art.

Also you can  make very simple tie dye nails, rossi nails, aqua nails, coffin nails use nab nail bar.


Satined Glass

Glass does not always have to be ordinary and transparent, you can also refine its surface with different techniques.

Frosted glass is mostly used for entrance and passage doors. Such splendid doors with glass inserts have been known for several centuries and you can still see them in old mansions, castles and stately homes. Even mirrors, windows and lampshades made of glass are decorated with ornate patterns and thereby visually enhanced.

But also in the drinking and eating culture you will find glass objects, which make every table covered with it a highlight. Drinking from a satined wine glass is uplifting and combines style and enjoyment.

A special form is the muslin glass. This beautiful decor looks as if the surface is covered with the finest lace. The historical ornament is still very much in demand today and usually decorates doors and bathroom windows.

To make the glass surface appear milky at certain points, it is roughened with hydrofluoric acid or by sandblasting. By this method, the glass is opaque, but still remains translucent. This technique is always used only with clear glass, as the satin effect is better here. By roughening so filigree figures, flowers and patterns can be applied to the surface and a master of this subject can create a unique piece of art … a van Gogh on glass so to speak.

In the past, this type of refinement was still a craft and not without danger. Since the glass was still blasted by hand with sand and this barg proved to be at high risk of developing the lungs. Since the industrialization of glassmaking in the 19th century, many processes have been improved, and so sand is no longer used, but corundum. This is a mineral abrasive of alumina.


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