Furniture and Usage Areas for Your Home

Wardrobe is an important item that helps us save space and save our clothes. The design features of this item are as important as their visual features. For this reason, Minar Furniture is selling furniture that is trendy and will add visual courtesy to your bedroom. Minar furniture is one of the companies preferred by people with its product range and decent designs. Therefore , those who want to buy a wardrobe and a 2-door wardrobe can choose either from existing designs or personalized designs.  

In which parts of the house is the wardrobe used?
The wardrobe can be placed in any part of the house or is generally used in the bedroom. Storing things in open environments inside the house is not suitable both visually and in terms of health. Because things may get damp when they are left outside, or they may get wrinkled. To remove these wrinkles, items must be stored in the wardrobe. Accordingly, the use of wardrobes is generally preferred in the bedroom. It is in the category of special goods of the clothes placed in the wardrobe. The ironing of the clothes in the wardrobe used for the storage of personal belongings is not disturbed and the incoming guests are prevented from seeing these clothes. In addition, storing clothes regularly prevents the loss of clothes inside the house.  

Why is the 2-door wardrobe preferred?

The 2-door wardrobe is generally preferred by people with a lot of items. In addition, married couples save all their clothes regularly by saving space thanks to the 2-door wardrobe. Because 2-door wardrobes occupy less space than 2-wardrobes. People who want to prefer sliding, with doors or drawers can order products from Minar furniture. To get the proper designs on the train, you can contact us or order online. We deliver high quality, special designs to our consumers by promoting them on our site at affordable prices.

Library Models
Bookcases are made of wooden materials due to their solid and pleasant appearance. All kinds of wood colors are used in the library models in our company . We have colorful products such as natural wood color, gray, black, dark coffee, cream and white. We design the libraries according to the size of the spaces and present them by measuring. Recently, the most preferred geometric and asymmetric cut furniture libraries are presented to you in our company.


Interior Door Models

Undoubtedly, the most important way to protect our privacy and privacy in the home is our interior doors . But with the decoration gaining importance, the doors changed shape and started to take much more elegant shapes.

When choosing the interior door, the right colors that are suitable for our general home decoration should be preferred. If you have a home decoration with classical decoration, you should prefer carved, more elegant doors . Or if you have a modern house , you should use more modern door models .

We have prepared a picture gallery of beautiful interior door models for you. You can have an idea about the most fashionable door models by visiting our picture gallery .

Garage Door Sliding Patio Doors

Professional installation of patio sliding glass doors

The sliding doors are designed to measure and can be selected in almost infinite designs. The mounting takes place on the ceiling or wall.

The sliding glass door ensures high flexibility during installation. The attachment ceiling or wall side is possible. The final fine adjustment takes place at the same time as the installation, in this way the glass doors are perfectly adapted to the present installation situation. A quiet and quiet door is then the result.

A potpourri of choices

  • in addition to the classic variant is:
  • colored, structured or milky glass offered
  • individual sizes and shapes
  • Single or double glass
  • as a simple door or room divider function
  • Frame materials: wood, plastic, aluminum and stainless steel
  • special wishes
  • customer-oriented work
  • friendly staff

Repair and installation of sliding patio doors with competence

Especially in the case of high-quality sliding patio doors, professional installation is in the foreground. Nothing should wobble or be unstable here, because that carries a risk of injury.

A glass specialist company is the right partner for this special application. Thanks to many years of experience and the corresponding expertise, the installation of your sliding glass door is in the best possible hands. A good specialist company always delivers the comprehensive service from a single source. That means from planning through delivery to assembly.

If, contrary to expectations, a repair of the sliding door is pending, then we are the right contact person. But due to the robustness, it is extremely rare for any damage.

Sliding Patio Doors

Less viewed options for custom wood interior doors

Aside from the longevity, craftsmanship, superior style and safety they offer, when installing wooden doors you can choose exactly the doors you want.

As a homeowner, it’s a big deal to make sure our home looks as good as possible. Houseproud is not a bad thing. We want us to feel comfortable every time we step in, and we want our guests to be thrilled every time they do so.

This means that we make our home our own, with a style that is unique to them. A style that was not copied by our friends or neighbors.

The installation of custom-made wooden doors contributes significantly to this. But if we want to take our interior to the next level or are just bound to practical problems or lack of space, we should really look at the possibilities for installing less common types of interior doors.

small change

For houses that have little space in the interior, it’s good to have some sophisticated interior design up your sleeve. Or, in the case of these custom wooden doors, in your pocket.

Instead of swinging on a hinge, pocket doors slide into a recess in the wall. This means no space is required to open the door and makes pocket doors a practical option for en-suite and smaller bathrooms.

Pocket doors are also ideal for those who are looking for extra-wide wooden doors for their open apartments.

Normal swing doors have a standard width that corresponds to the space they need to open. However, since this does not restrict pocket doors, they can be made wider for a more airy living environment.

Go Dutch

Custom wooden doors can accentuate almost any design style of any home and are especially effective for those who have a rustic or peasant look.

Divided horizontally into two halves, the upper half of a Dutch or sturdy door can be opened while the lower half remains closed. This type of door was originally designed to keep animals away from farmhouses and keep children indoors.

They also prevented dirt from flowing into the house, while allowing the breeze, light and air to circulate.

Nowadays, Dutch or sturdy doors play two roles. They still prevent children from wandering into the kitchen or on stairs, giving a traditional, historic look that other wooden doors just can not offer.

The Barnstormer

For a stronger rustic, peasant or industrial appearance in the home, sliding doors for the barn may even be more effective than Dutch doors.

They also combine the same benefits that the previously discussed pocket doors entail, eliminating the need for ground clearance required for swing doors.

Barn doors are often used in homes because of their aesthetic appeal. They are decorated with old vintage wood, wrought iron rails and hangers.

Because the entire mechanism is open, barn doors are also much easier to install and maintain than pocket gates and can be used between rooms or on cupboards and pantries in rustic kitchens.

By investing in bespoke wooden doors, you can determine exactly what your new items will look like and impact your home. There are also many secure options.

But why should your home look like everyone else’s? Why not go the extra mile creatively and choose a lesser known style?

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New trends for windows and doors in 2019

Currents and fashions are passing by, but one thing is certain: doors and windows remain indispensable in a home!

Are you planning to renovate your home or plan to build a new home? It’s time to read this blog to know the latest trends! Also, we wanted to share the news for everything related to doors and windows.

The news for windows in 2019!

The window format has really changed in the last years. Oversized windows help highlight the exterior of the house. The location of windows is also very studied. The glass surfaces are now larger and allow an optimal view for a true communion with nature. Windows can even make a complete wall!

The trend is also very square and straight windows with dark colors. The windows of black colors and coals are still in the spotlight outside. Black was popular inside for a few years, but white is coming back.

The patio door is also oversized. This allows much more light to enter and increases the air intake when it is open. In addition, the large patio door allows you to admire your beautiful terrace!

The choice of material for the windows is also very important. Windows in thermos triple glasses are recommended for their energy characteristics. Indeed, they are very effective in mitigating the large temperature variations that we know in Quebec.

What are the latest trends for doors?

This year the fashion is still contemporary doors with glasses. For glass, frosted sandblasted and stained glass windows are still popular. Whether you choose a wooden, steel or fiberglass door, be aware that choosing your front door makes your home more attractive.

One of the new trends is to add a glass panel at the top of the door. It improves the mood and adds natural lighting in the house. You can also install an 8-foot door, the door in 2019 is more daring, colorful and more glazed. Geometric shapes, clean lines, simple textures, flat panels are now part of the desired door styles. Like the window, the door is also oversized.

The steel door is very strong and durable, although it is more vulnerable to scratches and bumps. Thanks to new techniques, we offer a wide choice of shapes, colors and patterns.

Like the steel door, the fiberglass door is ideal for our northern climate. It requires little maintenance and saves energy with its efficient insulation. It is also much more resistant and it is possible to manufacture it according to your tastes and needs.

The wooden door remains a classic, but requires regular maintenance and is more expensive.

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Modern and space-saving: Sliding patio doors for your bathroom

Not only suitable for narrow spaces or niches, sliding doors are also increasingly found in passages to bathrooms. Due to the space-saving features and practical application, sliding doors are also suitable, for example, for small or wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. Whether as a room divider, cupboard door or as a room door, sliding doors are increasingly used in modern home design. We have put together a few tips and useful information about sliding doors in the bathroom.

Modern living concept: Sliding doors between bathroom and bedroom

The bathroom, as a private oasis of well-being, is increasingly being seen as part of the living and sleeping areas in modern interior design. So should the bathroom be open to the sleeping area, but also protect the privacy. A good solution is because a sliding glass or frosted glass. It opens the room to the bathroom, creating a large living environment. At the same time, the sliding door can separate both rooms, providing privacy.

Benefits of sliding doors in the bathroom

  • Implementation of modern room concepts
  • Different room climate in bath and bedroom are possible
  • Natural light even in bathrooms without windows
  • Room divider between washstand and toilet
  • Cladding of cabinets and appliances
  • Space-saving door system

Flowing transition between the rooms

Doors separate rooms, but also connect individual rooms. With sliding doors, this is modern and comfortable. A sliding door between bathroom and corridor connects the rooms and creates space. A windowless bathroom becomes brighter and friendlier with a frosted glass sliding door, even when the passage is closed. In addition, the risk of injury of a door going up to the corridor is avoided by a sliding door.

Room divider bathroom sliding door

For example, a sliding door between the bathroom and toilet area provides more privacy in the bathroom. Even in smaller rooms so separate rooms are created and a bathroom can be used by several people at the same time.

Dress your washing machine and Co. skillfully

Also in the interior design of your bathroom sliding doors are a practical tool. For example, hide the washing machine or a boiler behind a sliding door. Or convert niches and sloping ceilings into cupboards with plenty of storage space.

Glass door in the bathroom – more hygienic and durable

Which material you choose for your sliding door in the bathroom is entirely up to you. Whether wood, plastic or glass, you are spoiled for choice. However, you should make sure that the material is suitable for bathrooms. High humidity and water, for example, wooden doors warped easily. Sliding doors made of glass are therefore particularly well suited. They are resistant to heat and moisture and due to the smooth surface they are hygienic, durable and easy to clean.

Glass Doors Sliding Patio Doors

Glass – that’s much more than windows and drinking glass

Glass is an essential part of our lives today. It occurs in many areas of our everyday life – as a building material, as an object in the household or as an object of art. Modern communication also uses glass as a medium.
Without the windows of glass, no sunlight would penetrate our apartments. Three quarters of the year, it would be very cold, because the heat of the heaters would escape to the outside. However, glass is not only a window but increasingly a building material and design element. Above all, modern architecture combines concrete and steel with interesting glass facades and roofs, creating a fascination for lightness and space. Interesting architectural glazings create reflections that connect things that do not belong together in an image, and glass canopies create airy spaces between outside and inside.

Glass is increasingly being used not only in industrial construction but also in individual home construction. Glass conservatories give the feeling of a longer summer. And carports now come, usually in combination with aluminum or steel structures, with glass roofs therefore.
In interior design, more and more is put on glass, because it brings lightness and also a certain glamor in the room. Glass doors, transparent or milky and with great designs, no longer fulfill only the function of room separation. Stairs in the combination of glass and metal allow easy-acting transitions between different levels, glass shower enclosures give the small bathroom width and some luxury and effectively placed mirrors make rooms seem larger.

Working with glass is not just a craft, but also an artistic achievement. Looking at the beautiful stained-glass windows in the churches, one is fascinated by the art of craftsmanship.
However, it is not only these works of art that are several meters high that testify to the versatility of the material, but also the many small pieces of jewelery such as pictures, miniatures and vases. And in many families, every year the Christmas tree is traditionally embellished with hand-blown glass balls.
We would like to share these impressions with family and friends in a timely manner and send our pictures just taken. We are connected up to date because the fiber optic cables used allow fast and trouble-free data transmission.
Glass is a material that connects in the truest sense of the word.

Sliding Patio Doors

Versatile solution for your balcony and terrace: Parallel sliding tilting door

A sliding and tilting sliding door combines the advantages of two different door designs: the space-saving sliding function and the practical tilt function. In contrast to the normal balcony and patio door here no door protrudes into the room and takes away space unnecessarily. Thanks to the sophisticated technology, the door can simply be pushed aside, but also brought into the tilted position.

Operation of parallel sliding-tilt doors

A parallel sliding tilting door is simple and easy to use with a twist grip. Through the door handle and the modern technology, the individual elements can be opened, tilted and closed without much effort.

When the door is closed, the handle of your PSK door is in a vertical position and can be rotated up to 180 degrees. To tilt the parallel sliding tilt door, simply turn the fitting 90 degrees to a horizontal position. The wing now tilts inwards. To open the door, turn the handle 180 degrees, so that it is in a vertical position again. Now the sliding sash can be slid easily.

Low space requirement due to sliding technology

Unlike normal patio doors and balcony doors, no door leaf protrudes into the room at the PSK door. So the space that is normally needed to swing up, can be used elsewhere. The glass surface is simply pushed aside.

Die tilting technique – Ventilate without open door

The big advantage of the PSK door is the tilting technology. Other sliding doors, such as the lift-and-slide door, must be fully opened for this purpose. Thanks to the sophisticated technology of the parallel sliding tilting door, you now have the choice whether you want to open or tilt your door element completely.

Ma fects in materials and color variety

For the frame of your PSK door you have the choice of common materials for window and door systems:

Ku nststoff

Plastic impresses with its low thermal conductivity and can be designed differently by film coating indoors and outdoors.


Aluminum is robust and durable. Other advantages include a certain burglary protection, good thermal insulation and the possibility of individual color design through color and different coatings.

solid wood

Only the best solid woods are processed in our workshop . These are glued in 3 to 4 layers. The natural raw material is a poor conductor of heat, ensures good thermal insulation and has moisture-regulating properties. The variety of colors is ensured by different primers, glazes and RAL colors.

Wood and aluminum

The combination of wood and aluminum in the interior with solid wood for coziness and weather resistance for many generations in the outdoor area.


Plastic aluminum combines modern plastic with fine aluminum. The plastic frame is clad on the outside with aluminum.

Flat threshold, but not completely barrier-free

The parallel rails for sliding the PSK door are particularly flat. However, the push-tilt technique can not be completely submerged in the ground. As a result, she is only partially barrier-free.

Security and glazing

Windows and terrace or balcony doors represent a potential point of attack and a security risk due to the large glass surfaces. It is therefore important that these are secured particularly well. So why are you offering different security features for your PSK door?

  • Lockable fittings
  • safety glass
  • alarm contacts
  • Special seals for sound insulation and moisture
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Style doors: Charming eye-catcher with white lacquer in your home

Timeless design that suits all interior styles: style doors can be adapted to the more rustic, curved country house style, as well as to the sleek, modern architecture and furnishings. With the right choice of your interior door, you will enjoy it for decades – we will help you with this and have summarized various design options for style doors.

What distinguishes a style door?

Simply put, a style door is a white-painted cassette door . Often, style doors are replicas of historical models for old buildings or bring retro charm in new (re) apartments. By the white paint you fit and equipped with a simpler cassette variant, but they fit perfectly into modern buildings.

Use of style doors in your home

The typical design of a style door can be applied to different door models such as

  • action door
  • hinged door
  • sliding door

transferred and used both in the interior and in the house or apartment entrance doors use.

So a style door is built

The door leaf of a style door has, like all cassette doors, a circumferential frame (often supplemented with internal longitudinal and transverse connections) and a filling inserted therein , the so-called cassette. This is often profiled or contains other rich, especially in old buildings and historic entrance doors or gates rich ornaments.

Design options for your style doors

Stylish doors score points for their enormous versatility : the doors, which are always available in white lacquer, harmoniously round off a modern, baroque or country house style and have – depending on the wishes and the architecture and furnishings of your house or apartment – more details:

  • Section of light with glazing (stained glass or white glass), with or without sprouts
  • Variable number of cassettes
  • Different types of cassettes / fillings, eg Flemish bows as well as round arch and segment fillings.

The matching frame to your style door

The door frame is an important element in the planning of your style door (s). Their design depends on the appearance of the door frame and leaf and your interior design style and ensures a harmonious overall impression of your door. You have options like

  • plain white
  • completely embedded in the door frame (ie without visible frame) or
  • playfully profiled
  • open, which can turn your passage area into a real eye-catcher.

The right fittings complete the look

Invest a little time in the search for the right door hardware, because it really pays: A door handle that optimally matches the look of the door and the frame, is the icing on the cake of a successful door design and a proof of your love for detail. Curved or ornate handles blend in well with the (rather) baroque style of old buildings, whereas rectilinear doorknobs (door handles), such as matt brushed stainless steel, do well in a modern setting.

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Choose a French door for your home

Choose a French door for your home

French interior doors give every room in your home a beautiful style and elegance. More and more people are choosing French doors not only as a functional but also as a furnishing element for their living environment. They can be added to bedrooms, kitchens and often as entrances to dining rooms. But usually you will find this type of door on the way to the deck or backyard.
Some people even choose to have them as a front door, which is a nice alternative. However, the privacy issue can come into play, making it an option for French windows that are a good choice for letting the light through but still respecting your privacy.

A French window is a door panel, which generally has a wooden frame and partitions to separate each frame. The glass is rectangular and occupies most of the entire door. Many homeowners use a French window as an additional element for decorative purposes.

The main advantage of a French window is that the existing space between two rooms does not seem cut off from a solid door, but appears mixed. If you have a transparent glass door, the rooms look bigger and more open. Not to mention, it helps you to keep track of wandering kids. The use of French exterior doors allows light to enter any room. French patio doors are almost like a complement to the exterior as they add such a beautiful element to the space. But remember, if you live in a particularly windy or stormy area, you should definitely choose a French storm door instead of the other types of material.

When choosing a door, the designer / homeowner has some options. Especially what type of material to use. You can find vinyl doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors and UPVC doors just to name a few. Not to mention that you can search for custom French doors, if this is within your budget, to make them exactly the way you want them. In this way you can select the exact color, size of the window panes, number of panes, etc.

Since most of these doors are made of glass, there is probably an increased risk of breakage. Wind, dirt and hail can trouble you, but there are now more durable windows to calm you down. Special glass may have sufficient strength to resist hurricanes and objects at high speed without breaking. And even if there is a crack, newer glass shapes will not break and become dangerously jagged, but break, to avoid further danger or injury. In addition, most windows are insulated and can be slightly tinted to avoid energy losses and high electricity costs in summer and winter.In addition, most linings are resistant to water and insects to protect against nuisance in the open air.

It seems that the selection of French door fittings today is almost as important as the door itself. There are many styles and materials available. No matter which type of balcony door you choose, you will always receive a welcome addition to the room in which the door is located. So check out our website and visit our shopping links to find out more and hopefully on your way to buying the right French doors for your home.